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Dr Omarai's biography

Dr. Mehrdad Omaraie Hamedani was born on April 23,1948 in Tehran, Iran.  He received his medical education and training in orthopedic surgery at Shiraz University.  His work there as an orthopedic surgeon coincided with 8 years of the Iran-Iraq war where he demonstrated great compassion, love, and devotion in treating the injured, and went far beyond his duty to save severely injured limbs from amputation. He was also known as a passionate and talented teacher and mentor. After termination of the war, in December 1988, he went to England where he gained experience in non-trauma orthopedic surgery. After about 2 years he immigrated to US and trained in internal medicine at Yale University and Griffin Hospital. His love for orthopedics took him to center for work-related musculoskeletal injuries at New England Baptist Hospital, an internationally known orthopedic hospital. For him, sharing knowledge was as important as gaining it. Because of his excellence and dedication to teaching, he received "Teacher of the Year" award from Harvard University in 2013.  He passed away on July 10th 2014. Dr. Omaraie is remembered as a kindhearted, compassionate, caring, and skilled physician who graciously shared his knowledge and cared deeply for his patients.

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