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Dr. Mohammad Reza Miad











Dr Mohammad Reza Miad

Place of Birth: Mianeh-Iran
Date of Birth: March 21-1965

Medical Education:

1. 5 years medical student, Faculty of Medicine, Tehran Medical Science University, Tehran/Iran (1983-1989)
2. 2 years internship program, Hospitals affiliated with Tehran Medical Science University, Tehran/Iran (1989-1991)
3. 4years Orthopedic Surgery Residency program, Shafa Rehabilitation Hospital, Iran Medical Science University, Tehran/Iran.
4. 6 months clinical foot & ankle fellowship course, Rizzoli Orthopedic institute, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy

Medical Post Graduate Practice:

1.    2.5 years practice as general physician (MD.) in Germi City, Ardabile (April1991-Sept. 1994)
2.    4 years practice as chief orthopedic surgeon, Department of orthopedics, shahid Beheshti General Hospital. Maragheh, East Azerbaijan, Iran(Nov. 1997-Sept.2001)
3.    6 years practice as chief orthopedic surgeon , Department of Orthopedics,Amiral momenin general hospital ,Maragheh , East Azerbaijan, Iran (Sept.2001-April 2007)
4.    Ten years practice in foot and ankle surgery with average of 40 surgeries  monthly (2007 – 2017)
Orthopedic Post- Graduate Experience:

Twenty years practice of orthopedic surgery in hospitals affiliated with Tehran Medical Science University (1997- 2017) with average of 30 surgeries every month in any field of upper and lower limb in traumatized and reconstructive procedures and recent ten years highly special foot and ankle surgeries



1.    High standing in National Entrance Examination of the universities in Iran, (1983) with the rank of 185 among 700,000 candidates.
2.    Distinguished graduate of Faculty of Medicine in Tehran University. (April 1991)
3.    High standing in entrance examination of orthopedic surgery, Iran Medical Science University, (1994) with the rank of 5 among 5000 candidates.
4.    Two encouragements awarded by chancellor of Amiralmomenin hospital, Maragheh, Iran (2002 &2003).
5.    Best Article prize awarded from Shahid Beheshty University Congress Chairman (Feb. 2016  - Missed fractures In ankle sprain )

1.    Medical Doctor Degree, University of Tehran, Iran (April1991).
2.    Certification of Orthopedic Surgery, Shafa Rehabilitation Hospital, Iran Medical Science University (Oct.1997).
3.    Licentiate of Medical Council of Iran (1991).
4.    Orthopedic surgery specialist certification, Iran Medical Science University(1997)
5.    licentiate of medical permanent permit in Iran , awarded by Ministry of Health ,Treatment & Medical education(1997)
6.    Licentiate of Medical office (free activity) as orthopedic surgeon in Tehran (2006).
7.    Clinical foot & ankle fellowship certification awarded by prof. Sandro Giannini, Head of international foot and ankle society, university of Bologna, Italy (March2006).
8.    Certifications of participating in multiple orthopedic symposiums and meetings and conferences in Tehran & Tabriz and AO conferences.(From 1997 till2017)
9.    Speaker in Tehran orthopedic Symposiums and congress with more than twenty presentations annually from 2007 till 2017


Membership in Scientific Societies:

1.    Member of Iranian Orthopedic Association.
2.    Member of Iran Society of surgeons
3.    Member of Medical Council .IR>IRAN
4.    Member of AOAA Iranian Chapter
5.    Member of Persian orthopedic trauma association (POTA)


1.    Miad, Mohammad R.MD.-Shoulder pain including brief anatomy, physiology and etiology and treatment, final thesis, Booklet (1991)
2.    Miad Mohammad R. MD.-Congenital Kyphosis,report of 23 cases operated in Shafa hospital, final Thesis, Booklet(1997)
3.    Miad Mohammad R.MD.-Fat Embolism Syn.-published in journal of “Teyfe Salamati”(2002)
4.    Miad Mohammad R. MD.-Embryology of Musculoskeletal system-published in journal of “Teyfe Salamati”(2003)
5.    Miad Mohammad R.MD.-physical examination of shoulder complex-published in journal of” Tefe Salamati”(2004)


1.    Miad Mohammad R.Miad MD.-Four cases of tibia plateau Fx. Operated in Amiralmomenin hospital, presented in AO seminar in Tabriz university of Medical science (Feb.1999).
2.    Miad Mohammad R. MD.-six cases of Perthes disease operated by Salter ost. In the first six months of 1998 in Maragheh Hospital (Dec. 1999).
3.    Miad Mohammad R. MD.-Two Cases of lat. Ankle instability and deficient distal fibula operated by “Gruca Procedure”I Maragheh Hospital presented in children orthopedic program in Tabriz Medical Science University (Dec. 1999)

4.    Two Cases of Tibia open fracture with considerable bone loss operated finally with fibular bone graft presented in orthopedic seminar of Iran Medical Science (Dec. 2000)

5.    Miad Mohammad R. –MD.,Four cases of giant cell tumor of distal radius operated successfully by allograft and one year follow up presented in annually Tabriz orthopedic association(March 2003)

6.    Miad Mohammad R. MD.-Two Cases of metatarsal osteoid osteoma operated with curettage and cementing with three years follow up ,presented in orthopedic association Tabriz Medical Science University (July2003)

7.    Miad Mohammad R. MD.-Surgical treatment of flexible flat foot in children presented in annually association of Iranian Orthopedic Association (Nov.2006)

8.    Miad Mohammad R. MD.-Achilles Tendinopathy ,presented in annually association of Iranian Orthopedic Surgeons (Nov. 2007)

9.    Miad Mohammad R. MD. Metatarsalgia and Weil Metatarsal Osteotomy, presented in Iranian Orthopedic Association (Sept. 2008)

10.    Miad Mohammad R, MD.-Minimally invasive Hallux valgus surgery presented in Orthopedics association of Tabriz Medical Science University (Jan.2009)
11.    Miad Mohammd R.  MD. – Adult cavus foot –presened in Tabriz medical science orthopedic association (June 2010).

12.    Miad Mohammad R. MD.-Report of 15 cases of SERI procedure hallux valgus surgery presented in Tabriz Orthopedic association (June 2011)

13.    Miad Mohammad Reza MD – mid tarsal fractures nonunion (March 2012)

14.    Miad Mohammad Reza MD – Foot in Charcot – Marie – Tooth Disease ( June 2013 )

15.    Miad Mohammad Reza MD – Results of 10 cases of Total Ankle Arthroplasty  , 3 years follow up (Sept 2014)

16.    Miad Mohammad Reza MD .- Diabetic Charcot foot (May 2015 )

17.    Miad Mohammad Reza MD –Missed Fractures in Ankle Sprain (Feb. 2016)

18.    Miad Mohammad Reza MD. – Arthroereisis Live Surgery (Jan. 2017) Milad Hospital Tehran

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