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Dr. Bertil Romanus










Bertil Romanus, MD, Ph.D, Ass. Prof 

Ortopaedic Department, Sahlgrens University Hospital
S-41685 Göteborg, Sweden

Born in Lund Sweden July 9, 1941
1968 MD Med School in Göteborg, Sweden
1974 Orthopaedic specialist in Göteborg
1974 PhD Thesis
1980 - Associate professor in Orthopedics at the University of Göteborg, Sweden
2008 – Part time senior consultant at Orthopedic department, Sahlgren University Hospital, Göteborg, Sweden
1982 – 2004 Head of Pediatric Orthopedic Service at the Orthopedic Department 
Sahlgren University hospital, Göteborg, Sweden
1981-82 Visiting Professor (one year) at University of Iowa Hospitals and
Clinics (Ponseti and Weinstein, Biomechanics Dick Brand and Roy Croninshield)
1992-93 Visiting Professor (one year) at Children’s Hospital in San Diego
 (Sutherland, Mubarak and Wenger, Motion Analysis Lab)
1986 – Member of EPOS, European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society
1995 – 2006 President of the Swedish Paediatric Orthopaedic Society and founder member 1984
Honorary member of Swedish Paediatric Orthopaedic Society and Swedish Foot and Ankle Society

Biomechanical experience.
Basic training under prof Carl Hirsch in the 1960-ties.
Tissue mechanics and experimental fractures in the 1970-ties.
Traffic accidents esp bumper-pedestrian injuries in the 1980-ties (clinical and experimental).
Design of Acetabular cup for uncemented fixation 1988. (Biomet)
Design of uncemented femoral THR component 1990-ties, (Biomet)
Test of primary cupfixation and stress around a new femoral inplant in the 1990-ties at Harrington Arthritis Reserach Center, Phoenix AZ (with Anna Brantley, Jim Koeneman, Roy Gealer and Tom Hansen)
Teaching in Biomechanics for Orthopaedic residence weekly course since 1980-ties:
 Fracture mechanism, experimental fractures, osteosynthesis mechanics, Pelvis, Hip and Foot biomechanics.
Pediatric Orthopaedics
Faculty member in AO Advanced Foot and Ankle Course 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006  in Davos, Switzerland. and 2009 Amman, Jordan, 2010 Dubai,UAE, 2011 Dresden, Germany.
Presented a number of Papers at international conferenses

Clinical experience and main field of interest and lectures:
Foot and hip problems in all ages, congenital, deformities all ages (foot, knee, hip, pelvis, shoulder), deformities after infection and trauma etc, neuro-ortopeadic problems in all ages, (No special experience in spine, adult knee injuries or arthroskopic treatment)

List of talks, mainly educational: PowerPoint presentation (10-30 min each).
For general orthopaedic audience:
2004 AAOS, Int symp : Foot and ankle fractures in children.
2003 EFFORT, Cavus foot               
Protocol for Leg Perthes disease
Residual deformities after LCPD
Osteotomies around the hip
Clubfoot deformities after end of growth
Pathomechanism of talar neck fractures
Tarsal Coalition
Secondary foot deformities after injuries to the leg
Neuro orthopaedics, principles of treatment.
Arthrography of the painful adult hip.
Röntgenographic examinations of foot problems
Deformities of lower extremities, clinical, radiological evaluation and planning of corrective osteotomies.
History of fracture treatment and principles of treatment from biomechanical standpoint.
Orthopaedic footwear.
Orthopaedic aspects of poliosequele
Diabetic foot problems

For more specific Paediatric Orthpaedic audience
Orthopaedic aspects on pelvic osteotomies and symphysis reconstruction in bladder exstrophy
The Feet in Apert Syndrome
Fibular Hemimelia
Free Vascular Fibular transfer in Congenital Pseudarthrosis of the Tibia, 30 years of experience.
The Iowa Anteromedial approach in CDH
Ponseti treatment of clubfeet in Göteborg since 1982
Ultrasound of the clubfoot in Ponseti treatment
Riskfactors predicting poor outcome in CDH
Vascular malformations in lower extremity, cases
Shoulder problems in children (Sprengel and brachial plexus deformities)
Neuro-orthopaedic principles.
Congenital Knee Deformities
Ponseti and his work, more than Clubfeet
Cuboid Osteotomy in residual adduction and supination deformities of the Clubfoot
Cleft Foot or Lobster Claw Foot Classification and principles of Treatment and some results 15 cases since 1985
Salvage procedures CFD  (PFFD)

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